Our dream is that one day, No Beef will be a café.


A space where people can come to enjoy tasty vegan food while being surrounded by art and good vibes.


If you know Eve – the founder of No Beef – you will know this has been brewing since 2014. In 2018, Eve realised she needed more time and headspace to work on future business plans, so quit her job in the corporate industry and joined the world of freelance.

Eve named the business No Beef because it is part of the language in hip hop and graffiti and both these things have been huge influences throughout her life. Historically there has been dispute over territory and animosity when it comes to sharing spaces “Beef”. But there is a new movement, especially among female graffiti artists that promotes collaboration and sharing territory within the community. This message is at the heart of Eve's business.


Rather than rush in, No Beef made a conscious decision to start small and grow organically.

Originally, the plan was to begin our journey this summer by investing in a food truck; but with the current worldwide crisis, we needed to be flexible and look at how we could adapt to this new way of living.


Initially, and like many others in similar situations, we panicked. But from the panic came the decision to launch early, just on a smaller scale - from home. Wanting to be productive and help where we can, it made sense for us to put our business plan into action, and to not let No Beef drift further away from being a reality.

And hey, who knows this could actually be the right time for us, everything happens for a reason, right?!


We are keeping things small and simple to start, with our Piesolation meals and our Ding Dong Donuts. We will throw some new donuts into the mix when we feel sassy and will be sure to mix up the flavours of pies, so you don’t get bored. For the moment we’ll only be delivering to Bristol addresses (postcodes BS1 - BS16 + BS30 + BS32 + BS34).


When delivering orders, to minimise risk we will only be doing one a day between 5pm-8pm (please note: these times are based on route of postcodes. We will always try to meet a specific time in this frame if you request it but please be mindful that this might not be possible, we want everyone’s pies to be warm on delivery).

All drop-offs will be zero contact, with a knock on the door and your delivery being left on your doorstep. We will step back 2 meters away from your door and make sure someone answers before we leave. Please make sure you are available in time slot for delivery and leave clear instructions for delivery address in sections provided.